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You’re all set and ready to go with the amazing power of VoiceBuddy.

Now before you think, “oh’s another upsell,” I just want to offer you the opportunity to have unlimited length for all your text to speech needs inside of VoiceBuddy.

Now don’t get us wrong. Everything we promised with VoiceBuddy is included in your previous purchase. However, this upgrade takes things to the next level for those that have a more serious need in their business.

Unlimited Length of Text To Speech

In Every Language

In VoiceBuddy you get up to 500 words of total length per audio. But when you upgrade to VoiceBuddy Pro, we’ll unlock this feature so you can get unlimited audio for your files regardless of the language.

Doesn’t matter if it’s 7 minutes or 50 minutes. You’ll be able to create as many unlimited audio files as you want.

Unlimited Length

Of Copy and Pasting of Text

Also, we’ll unlock the ability to paste unlimited text into the Text to Speech editor. With VoiceBuddy you can paste up to 500 words, but with this option you can paste as much text as you like

This is great for those who want a little more power with their text to speech options.

Text File Importing Option Added!

We’ll also include the option for you to import your audio scripts via .txt file as well. Have a script with 800 words? No problem. Don’t spend time trying to highlight and copy the entire file. Just import it using the text file importing option and let VoiceBuddy do the rest!

Import Text From Website URL Option Added

This is absolutely amazing! You can also give VoiceBuddy Pro any link and it will extract all the text from that web page so you can create an audio file.

Just think of the possibilities here. You can create different types of videos, audio downloads for your blog posts and pages, or even create podcasts from different topics from article directories!

And each one you can monetize in anyway you see fit.

108 Additional Voices to

Choose From!

As if the ‘141’ Voices & 33 Languages that you got in standard VoiceBuddy weren’t enough...

NOW you have an Additional 108 Voices to Choose from between Google Wavenet & Amazon Polly!

Yup! That brings your total Voice choices to 249 Ear-Grabbing, Unique Sounding, Human-like voices to captivate ALL types of audiences.

They’ll never know what hit them and never know what to expect. It’s said that 80% of your Marketing objective is ‘achieved’ simply when their attention has been solicited AND hooked.

Now you’ve got ‘249’ hooks to choose from. Wink, Wink.

Royalty Free Background Music Option Added!

We’ll also include the option for you to add background music to your audio files at no additional charge. Normally to get access to royalty free background music can cost you anywhere from $10-$50 per track.

But inside VoiceBuddy Pro you’ll have access to a total of (X) tracks. That means by upgrading today you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars while making your new text to speech audio sound even more amazing!

We haven’t finished here… ‘Cause that’s not all!

VoiceBuddy Pro ‘8’
Fast Action Bonuses Package:

VoiceBuddy PRO is an Essential Upgrade to secure right now while you can…BUT… To sweeten this up even more, so that this is a complete no-brainer decision to upgrade.

These Following bonuses for VoiceBudd PRO are designed to give you even more value with VoiceBuddy while helping you to increase your income WAY MORE.

Here’s what’s included with the VoiceBuddy Pro
Massive Fast-Action Bonuses!

Commercial Rights for ‘Pro’ UNLIMITED Length Voiceovers Bonus (Valued @ $497)

Not only did you just secure UNLIMITED Voice-Over lengths with VoiceBuddy Pro for yourself… but now you can even sell these Unlimited Length Voiceovers. But as our way of saying thanks for investing in VoiceBuddy PRO today, we’re going to automatically upgrade your license from personal ‘Pro’ to commercial ‘Pro’ at no additional charge, give you Full Rights.

Now you have NOTHING Stopping you from Charging even bigger bucks to your existing and new clients, that’ll LOVE to have everything they have narrated with the eloquence that VoiceBuddy so easily does.

10 Fiverr Gig Templates (Valued @ $797)

Fiverr is a great way to make additional income. And doing voice-over work is one of the most popular categories on Fiverr. That’s why we’re included ‘10’ Fiverr templates for you to use immediately.

You can use these in a general way or you can use them for a specific language, gender, and more! Simply edit the template to your liking, copy and paste it into your Fiverr gig and you’re ready to start taking orders and making money!

‘3’ Completely Done-For-You Audio Services Sales Letter (Valued @ $997)

We’re also including ‘3’ ready made sales letters that you can use to sell your services with VoiceBuddy.HIGHLY convert and you only need to add your information.

his is great for those who don’t know how to write an engaging sales letter, but want to get a site up quickly so they can take orders fast!

Just make a few edits, add your payment options, and you’re good to go!

‘10’ VSL Script Templates (Valued @ $797)

We’ll give you ‘10’ “Fill-In-The-Blank” VSL Scripts..!!

This way you won’t have to figure out what to say. You can use these templates for yourself and future clients to make a ton of sales. These are written by a seven figure copywriter and are easy to edit.

And they’re yours at no extra charge just for becoming a VoiceBuddy member today.

Background Music-to-Video Merger App (Valued @ $197)

In VoiceBuddy Basic which you already were wise enough to get… We provided a Bonus to overlay your VoiceBuddy Audio to ANY Vidoe you wantes… Well… Now you can easily take the Background Music that this VoiceBuddy Pro upgrade gives you already, and overlay them nice & easy over any video file, with this software app.

ON TOP of your VoiceBuddy Voice Audio. So now it’s completely buttoned up.

This way you don’t have to worry about your Voice-overs being dull with no background music to engage your viewer AND listener much further.

You simply pick the Background music you want, into this BONUS App and have it go with ANY Video of yours or clients’!

BONUS ‘Video Training’ Module to Maximize your VoiceBuddy Pro (Valued @ $97)

With this Bonus you’ll get Additional Video Training Module on how to Maximize the Full Potential of what VoiceBuddy Pro brings to the table for both YOU and your valued clients that are with you now and ones that’ll jump to your services in the very near future.

We teach how to secure and even price out services, while providing certain tricks in how to use VoiceBuddy Pro to the MAX.

Grammarly Chrome Plugin (Valued @ $139.95)

We’ve all heard of Grammarly… right?

It’s the world famous company that specializes in “Artificial Intelligence” assisted writing. Meaning this computer system that’s progressively getting smarter has been helping MILLIONS of authors, copywriters, publishers, and editors for major newspapers and all to convey the right thoughts IN the right way.

Now it’ll be your Grammar ‘buddy’ so-to-speak.

This Google Chrome plugin will work alongside VoiceBuddy when using it in a Google Chrome Browser on PC, Mac or any other mobile device that supports Chrome.

So if you’re not the best writer in the world… don’t fret about it. Now it’ll be hard for you to ‘not be’ the best. In-Turn your Voice-Overs will be impeccably perfect. =)

1st Page Ranker Basic Software App (Valued @ $47)

This Cloud-Based “Instant” Ranking system that’s won many awards is now being provided to you ‘completely complimentary’ as a free bonus to you.

After you create all these Voice-Overs that are more than likely going to be used in a video file format in one way or the other…

Why not get your videos INSTANTLY RANKED to Page 1 of Google AND YouTube..? your shiny new videos with Amazing Crisp human-sounding voice-overs garner the attention they deserve?

You’re using Google AND Amazon to already maximize your success… when it comes to voices, so then Double-Up on your success by getting ranked on the 1st Page, and drive tons of Traffic to these technical gems you just created.

YUP..! Secure ALL these Bonuses Valued at

$3569 Dollars in PURE Value!

All for you if you Decide to Take Action on VoiceBuddy PRO, right now, before you leave this page. (Extremely Time-Sensitive Offer)

You won’t see this Big of a Package again… just a friendly warning. So Hurry!

Voice Buddy Pro

$37.97 onetime and $9.97/month

Normally, This Would Cost You Thousands
of Dollars
To Develop On Your Own.

As you already know, Amazon Polly and Google Wave Net are amazing text to speech solutions. But you also know that harnessing the power of these applications take an incredible amount of programming...which costs a lot of money.

Thousands upon thousands of dollars if we’re being honest.

And that’s just for development. That’s not even mentioning the cost of ongoing maintenance.

That’s why it makes sense to upgrade to VoiceBuddy Pro. For a very small investment, you can unlock features that can help bring you more revenue while lightening your workload.

And who doesn’t want that?

We do and we know you do to. So go ahead and use the button below to upgrade now and we’ll add this to your account immediately.